Video Library

1. "The Mechanical Universe" is a series of 30 video discs available for the classroom. Also there are VHS tapes for take home viewing.

2. "Encyclopedia of Demonstrations" There are 26 video discs in the series, including one index disc.

3. "Richard Feynman at Cornell University", 1964, a lecture series of 7 different videos is available on DVD and VHS.

4. "Frames of Reference" is available on DVD or you can watch it online here.

5. "Powers of 10" by Charles & Ray Eames is available on DVD.

6. "Understanding Car Crashes, it's basic physics" is 22 minutes long and available on VHS.

7. "The Unusual Properties of Liquid Helium", by Isadore Rudnick is 17 minutes long and available VHS.

8. "AAPT Toys in Space", filmed in 1993 on the Space Shuttle, is 60 minutes in length and avaialable on VHS.

9. "Zero G" was filmed at the Sky Lab and available on VHS & DVD.