10. Centripetal Force

The little ball lifts the big ball - a string connecting a large and small ball passes through a tube. When the tube is whirled around, the small ball moves out, lifting the large ball.

Get both balls out - a tube is arranged so that balls fall into pockets at its ends. It is impossible to get both balls into their pockets by tilting the tube around, but if the tube is rotated, both balls move into their pockets.

Various devices fit on the variable speed rotator below:

  1. A mass extends a spring allowing measurement of the centripetal force.

  2. Two balls move out on rods extending a spring to measure centripetal force.

  3. Four balls move out on semicircular wires.

  4. Spherical shape becomes oblate when rotated.

  5. A spinning circular chain forced off a disc by means of a stick, retains its circular shape as it rolls rapidly along the floor.