90. Refraction

  1. Index of Refraction: With the Blackboard or Whiteboard Optics semicircle piece you can measure the index of refraction of the lucite material directly with Snell's Law This will be a useful value later if you plan to use the rectangular block for parallel deviation or the prism for total internal reflection. Then you can predict and check results from your measured value of n. See Blackboard Optics and Measuring a Glasses Prescription.

  2. Disappearing Object: A chunk of glass or other transparent material is put in a beaker. Benzene or mineral oil can be introduced into the beaker. The object will disappear when the index of refraction of the fluid is the same as that of the object.
  3. Reappearing Dice: An opaque cylindrical container with dice inside is placed in front of the class so that the dice are blocked from view. When water is added to the container, refraction will make the dice visible to the class.


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